Nanasai History


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Nanasai was born in Kyoto as a limited company Nanasai crafts (July 21, 1946) in 1946. Company has been named by the Mukai Junkichi Mr. oil painter is a brother of the first president Mukai Ryokichi. Harmonies and different colors of seven weaves, majestic image of the rainbow across the sky was given to the company name.

Pioneer of mannequin of Japan, Shimadzu Ryozo founder of Shimadzu mannequin participation as directors in founding Nanasai. Jiro Murai Shimadzu era, continued to send the world a mannequin many superior also joined immediately after its founding as one of the mannequin creators.

However, the cities of Japan immediately after the war, scars of the ravages of war is vividly, even those that eat also what you wear, people were state Kotokaku even live in the house. But it was tough situation unthinkable, but the founders went on burning dream mannequin manufacturing. People who have regained a free mind soon began exercising creativity to wear, decided to pretend. Epidemic was reuse old kimono “Calibration clothes”. Opened a spate of dressmaking school. In the flow of rapid reduction couture and the spread of household sewing machines, and after a set period of several years after the war, the demand for mannequin I started a growing gradually. Process of the mannequin at the time had been the main material of paper called “fiber made​​”. Beginning Shimadzu mannequin, to was applied to the mannequin the preparation of Japanese doll 1930 (Showa 5 years), this process is the production and invited to Japan mannequins writer Derna Mr. living in Paris 1959 (1959) it lasted until the announcement made ​​of FRP mannequin that.

Mannequin Nanasai first work is the Mukai Ryokichi, Jiro Murai was creations is the second of his. 1947 announcement was the (1947) August. The price of this lady mannequin is set to 9,800 yen per body, and became the first delivery Kyoto-based Hana quotient, to EiHata Ltd.. And in order to make a mannequin dress more beautiful clothes, it was the cooperation of Tanaka Chiyo teacher of clothing designer. The Tanaka Chiyo teacher, and we have created a costume for the mannequin was held at the (1948) Kyoto in March 1948 to the “first times Nanasai mannequin new recital”.

The exhibition of the following year, an innovative project that also applied to the painter costume design is now the subject of further praise. In other teacher Saburo Miyamoto, INOKUMA Genichiro, Junichi Nakahara, Tamura Konosuke, Hanamori Yasuharu Tanaka Chiyo, Sumida Fusako, Kuwasawa Yoko, Masuketo, Uno Chiyo, Miyauchi Hiroshi (in no particular order), participants was in the image of mannequin Nanasai beautiful costumes I was created.