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Poses Aps

Vejlegade 35, 2nd floor
4900 Nakskov
(0) 27111330

PoseS is an innovative display agency. Our focus is POS-products, meaning that we are able to help you with your entire display production whether your main focus is mannequins, window decorations, displays or hangers.

Together with the customer we develop new ideas and innovative solutions. Our main task is to find the true DNA of the brand, and in this way to be able to create the optimum presentation of the product. This means that we give rise to a solid foundation for further development of the brand. At PoseS we think out of the box and transcend barriers, and by that we create unique combinations within mannequins, window decorations, displays and hangers.

We see ourselves as a part of the fashion industry, and we are always “first movers” within our area. By unconventional and innovative ideas, we push the limits and make a difference!